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Welcome to Refugio Animal Holbox



“One night, around 10 pm, a motorcycle stopped in front of my house and two young men were carrying a cub on their hands. I thought it was a puppy, but when I saw the face mask, I realized it was a newborn raccoon; only a few days old. They told me that the mother was carrying him with her mouth, but due to the motorcycle lights and sounds, she got scared and dropped him. I didn’t know what to do. I had never seen one up close and I didn’t have any special food; I was afraid that he would not survive. I made a thick drink of oatmeal and honey and fed him his first baby bottle. The next day I started to feed him special milk for dogs and I spent days and nights feeding him. I watched him grow, develop well and becoming a sweet and beautiful animal. His name was Venancio and he became a celebrity amongst the locals, children, adults and tourists, who came to visit him, take his picture and to laugh about his mischievousness. 

That night when I welcomed Venancio, I knew that I had to build a place to help every animal who needs it. 

 Morelia Montes’s reminiscencing tesimony 

Founder and Director of Holbox Animal Shelter


Every day we welcome animals in emergency situations, such as cruelty victims, abandoned animals, animals who have suffered an accident or who are ill. After the rescue, our veterinarians perform examinations and provide a diagnostic in order to begin the necessary treatments. From that point on, many of the rescued animals have a new temporary home. For some of these animals, this is the first home they have ever had.  We care for and love them to make them feel as part of our family. Once a dog, cat, bird, raccoon, etc. has healed, the adoption or habitat re-integration stage begins. 

At our shelter, we believe that in order to improve the wellbeing of living creatures, it is necessary to achieve a change in the environment. Therefore, we also provide environmental education activities for the Holbox community and the surrounding area. Additionally, to encourage and support these changes, once a week, our veterinarians travel to communities within the Lazaro Cardenas Municipality where they provide free consultations and treatment to animals in need. 

We are also consistently performing small scale Sterilization Campaigns in Holbox Island and within the surrounding communities, as well as, two massive campaigns every year along with our friends from “Holbox Island Spay and Neuter Project.”

Rescuing, advocating, caring for, sterilizing, educating…

Every day working in order to build a better place!

We thank you for your interest, support and assistance to the Shelter. 

Our motivation, work and team grows every day thanks to people like you!